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The A-Z SEO Lessons

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Why This is 'The Course' not just course

Beginner to advance

The lessons have been prepared in keeping mind beginner’s requirements and understanding level. Well, that doesn’t really mean we’ve not considered advanced SEO details. There are step-by-step lessons to make you an advanced level professional from a beginner level. And we will also prepare you more custom lessons if you don’t understand in one go. 

Blogging, E-commerce & YouTube

This course supports you even after learning required SEO skills. Because we understand special needs of a special professional. There are three in-depth separate SEO lessons have been added at the end of the course to take care of your needs as a blogger, e-commerce marketer and you-tuber. 

Our Experiments + google seo guide

If you could learn SEO from one person that would be Google. So, this course doesn’t only come from our experiments but also designed parallel to google search engine optimization guide. You don’t need to doubt the authenticity of the lessons. Learn from the best.

Tools & Templates

We get you all the required tools to perform a complete SEO hassle free. And you will also get access to the easy to edit Client Proposals, Email Templates, Campaign Templates, SEO Audit Report Templates. You can make them yours with your logo and colors. 


Where our trainees are now

I've managed to stay with Accenture as an Optimizer and successfully publishing a blog (funfashionfeed) for over 6 months now, and I owe it all to the classes that make you fall in love with the process.

Mariya Hashmi

I was introduced to Ad School Master two years ago, jobless ago in fact. I am working with Aviconn now for over a year and also working on my Directory venture. I will start serving you all soon.

Jatin Gupta


I met Hemant in Goa during my vacation in Dec 2016. Talking with him about digital world influenced me. Later I joined his digital marketing classes online from Germany. Only 3 months back I was hired by STARTPO one of the leading DM agencies here.

Daniel Andrew


I had been striving hard to change my BPO job. I came to know about Ad School Master's SEO training program through a friend. I met with their consultant to discuss about the future prospects if I learned the SEO course. I was impressed and purchased the course. I am seeking an SEO analyst job now after 3 months but I'm pretty much confident about getting a decent job.

Pranav Kumar

Know Your Trainer

Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma is in as Marketing Head at ASM, ensuring clients are getting a return on the investment they’re making and ensuring solid strategy is being implemented. He enjoys the ever changing puzzle a website creates and finding the best way to piece together the right solution.

Prior to ASM, Hemant worked at Google for 3.5 years, where he worked on AdWords product support, quality & training and at a financial job prior to Google. He found his passion of SEO and analytics for over two years at a digital agency worked as a freelancer.

Hemant graduated from University of Delhi, majoring in Commerce with a minor in Marketing & Advertising. He enjoys being a certified google professional now and striving hard to upgrading his skills.

Outside of work, Hemant lives in Gurgaon with his bicycle, a yoga mat, a badminton racket, a list of tv shows, and a big dream.


Course Curriculum

A little historic view


Technical SEO Definition

How important it is to show up at the top of google is organic search results

Why can’t search engine figure out site without SEO?

How exactly I do SEO?

Crawling & Indexing

Data Centers 

Relevance & Popularity

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Bing Webmaster Guidelines

Introduction to keywords and its research

Keywords Benefits

How to find keywords

What are niche topics and how they’re related to keywords

How to find niche topics

How to create niche topics list

The head, body and tail technicality

What are the problems with Long Tail keywords

How do you know which keywords to choose

Where do keywords go

How are people searching

Understanding html web-page structure 

Headings on a web-page


Headings Vs Title

Impact of Title Tags and Heading Tags

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6

H1 Vs H2, H3, H4, H5, H6

How to write Title Tags & Heading Tags

Meta Description

URL Optimization

Why do URLs matter for SEO

SEO best practices for URL

URL Canocalization

How to write and publish web-page content

Google Hummingbird

Anchor Text

Anchor Text optimal format

Alt Text

Alt Text optimal format

Uploads using FTP and WP dashboard 

How it is different

Website Design 

Why web-page speed matters

How to double website speed in 5 minutes

Myths about google speed test results

How to make web-page load faster


Image Compression 

Free CDN for the website and images

Reduce Server Response Time

Above the fold optimization

HTML, CSS, JS Optimization

Eliminate Render Blocking CSS and JS

How to optimize mobile web-page

Common mobile design mistakes

HTML & XML Sitemaps


Crawl Errors 

Silo Content

Components to create a faster web-page

Stop confusing search engines


Keyword in Domain Name

Domain Extensions

Duplicate content and how to get rid of it

Structured data


Website speed audit and continuous improvement

What is Link Building

Why Link Building is important

Definition of Link Building

Link Building and SEO

Links and Search engines 

No follow Vs Do Follow Links

Link Building benefits to business

Link Building Vs Link Earning

Types of links

Link Building fundamentals

Authority of the page

Authority of the site

Relevancy of the site

Link’s position on the page

Link Anchor Text


Links from a guest post

How to get world class links with Content Marketing

How to make powerful links with Email Marketing

Black Hat Link Building

Google Penguin

Manual Penalty 

Unnatural Links

Links Building strategies that really work

What is Social Profiles for SEO

Online Reputation 

Best for a brand

Bad for a brand

Worst for a brand

On-site social integration

Social profile optmization


How to optimize website for Local Search

How to claim your online profiles

How to create local content

Customer reviews 

How to build Citations 

What you’re not supposed to do 



Introduction to Search Console

How to create search console account

How to verify website using different method

How to fix structured data in search console

How to get rich card to show up in google search console

How to use data highlighter

HTML improvements


Build Reports in search analytics in console

Track links to your site

Monitor back-link in console 

Internal links

Manual actions

International targeting

How to set up country preference 

Mobile Usablity

How to fix mobile usability report issues

Google index

Index status

Index bloat

Remove URLs tool

Crawl stats

Fetch as google

Robots.txt tester

How to make sure my website isn’t blocking google

Sitemaps and how to fix it’s errors

URL parameters tool

Introduction to google analytics 

How to set up Google Analytics account

How to link google analytics it my website

How to monitor organic search traffic 

Analyzing landing pages

Measure the quality of search traffic

Understanding the E commerce business

Designing a user friendly e commerce site

E commerce SEO

On-Page user optimization

E commerce link building

How to create exceptional content

Bloggers back-links

Mobile Indexing

User Experience

Rich search results

Importance of videos

Importance of voice search

Blogger’s community and personalization

SEO basics for bloggers

Special 2018 guidelines 

How videos are different 

Video keyword research

How to create videos content

Video optimization

YouTube Channel Authority

Ranking videos in google

Video promotion strategies  

Who Should Take This Course





Most frequent questions and answers

First of all, nothing comes free.

The free SEO material you’re referring to is also not free. They cost you time which then be used to influence advertising. 

Secondly, you can’t be sure that will give you results. And you might end up wasting your time.

So that free material cost you your precious time.

On the contrary, Our free course has come out from the methods that worked.

And we also have observed over a period of time that it’s difficult for beginners and sometimes for professionals too to understand SEO without any expert support. So you will always be provided an expert assistance whenever you get stuck during the learning process.  

It is your 360 days updated go-to resource for end to end SEO solution. 

SEO strategies are best learnt when practiced.

Trust us, a classroom training won’t make any difference. Rather it will make you bound by time. 

On the other hand, online training will give complete flexibility and comfort.

Lesson materials for the course are available 24/7 and can be studied at a pace that suits you. 

And you will always have an online support and weekly doubt sessions to get answers to your queries. 

So the answer is ‘no’ if you meant a physical classroom training. 

Every lesson in the course is broken down into easy to understand format that’s full of high quality targeted information and advice explained in step-by-step manner. 

This course provides you every bit of information required to better understand the world of SEO.

To become job ready, we recommend you going through all the lessons and complete exercises given in the lessons successfully. 

There are no set course commencement and completion for the course. You have as long as you like to complete the course. 

However, we generally recommend that students try to get through 1-2 lesson per week. This course has 14 lessons (11 (core) + 3 (pro)). Each lesson study time vary in terms of hours. But the entire course should be completed in 45-50 hours, including exercises. 

Not at all. A person from any background can become an expert in SEO. There’s no specified eligibility criteria. 

And whatever you need to gain SEO skills have been provided in the course. 

We at Ad School Master strongly believe that a certification is not required to prove your SEO skills. 

The sole objective of the program is to mastering your SEO skills rather than focusing on achieving a piece of paper. 

However, there will be an exam after completion of the course. Students who perform up-to the mark shall be awarded a certification from Ad School Master. 

We don’t have pass/fail criteria. Your performance during the course shall be the major criteria to assess your seo expertise. And there’s no limit to appear in the certification exam. 

We want to make you skilled and independent. You don’t need any support if you truly learned skills. And that’s the only objective of the course.  

However, we keep our ear to the ground for any current vacancies within our network of SEO agencies and our SEO clients and often make announcements to students about these opportunities. 

Irrespective of above, we conduct workshops on resume writing and interview skills to prepare you well in advance for the job. 

Yes, our lesson materials are updated every couple of weeks to reflect changes to search engine algorithms, webmaster guidelines and industry events such as search engines mergers and acquisitions. 

Students are notified in the course section and sometimes via an email too whenever a topic is updated at no additional cost.  

Yes, there is a course discussion forum in the course area so students can familiarize themselves with others in their course and share ideas and industry challenges they might be facing. 

You can interact with your trainer in the weekly doubt sessions. Beyond that you are given access to the trainer’s calendar and you can block a 20 minutes one to one session at the time of your comfort and his availability. An option to book your session is provided on the top right side on this page. 

The course is designed in an easy to understand format keeping in mind a person from a completely different background. 

But if you still face any difficulty you will be provided special assistance in terms of addition or deletion to the lessons or custom made lessons for your level. 

You will get the course access automatically within a span of 30 minutes after you make the payment online as per your plan. You will get an email notification for the same. 

You can access the course on any browser with your personal email id and password. And you can also download “Google Docs” app from google play store or apple app store if you want to access the course through mobile app. 

We use the most trusted and secured Instamojo payment gateway to accept online payments. You can make the payment using your debit / credit card, internet banking or major payment wallets.

A same product can be cheap for some pockets and but it can also be costly for some pockets. We have not made any compromise with the course quality. Rather it is the best option available for people wanting to learn SEO. This is just a marketing campaign in hoping to serve a larger audience. 

Weekly 1 Hour Doubt Sessions will be instructor led interactive online conferences. You can clear all your seo training course related doubts in these sessions. 

Whereas in Online Support, you will be provided access to go through other people doubts and solution in the course area. And In addition to that you can ask your doubts over emails for 6 months.

P.S. – Please write doubts related emails to [email protected]

In that case you can join for the same session in the later batches. Or You can highlight your doubts through comments in the course area. Your doubts will be resolved on priority basis.