SEO Marketing Course 1.0

No matter how much you already know about SEO. This SEO Marketing Course is designed for starters to advance level. 

Check out the lessons you want to learn: 

SEO Basics

Learn the fundamentals of SEO, including crawling, indexing, keywords, content and more.


Keywords Planning

Learn to find keywords that your targeted customers are searching on Google, Bing, YouTube and other popular search engines. 


Content Optimization

Learn exactly how to optimize your content, on-page SEO, rich snippets and featured snippets. 


Technical SEO

Learn tips and strategies to make your site technically sound including – loading speed, website structure, sitemaps, robots.txt and duplicate content. 


Link Building

Learn Link-building tips and strategies including broken-link building, skyscraper technique. 


SEO Success

Learn to measure and optimize your site success around “User Experience Signals.” 


SEO Glossary

All SEO Jargons under one page. Check-out A-Z SEO Glossary.