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So, you think you’re really good at SEO. Then it’s time to test your command. The SEO Quiz 2023 has 30 quick questions, and it takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

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Test Your Expertise

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Link building does all this except:

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Factors that help you target a specific country:

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Above is an example of:

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You have the task of replacing a webpage to minimize SEO damage. What, according to you, is the best step?

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Which company developed a search engine ranking score metric: Domain Authority?

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Googlebot can index PDF documents:

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Which tool can NOT measure the core web vitals?

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When you use more than one foreign language on your company website, select the crucial factors for your SEO:

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When do you use meta robots noindex tags?

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One XML sitemap file can have maximum number of URLs:

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What is E-A-T in SEO?

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What should we know about Google's August 2022 helpful content update?

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The Core Web Vitals deal with:

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The 404 error can be best dealt with:

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While working as an SEO analyst, you managed to get a paid link that redirects to your site from another site– what additional action should you take according to Google webmaster guidelines?

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The canonical tag should be applied on the original copy of a webpage.

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A third party site where Google passes its reviews :

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Above are examples of:

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What does the above represent?

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Meta Description is more important than Meta Title.

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Internal SEO demands include the following:

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According to Google, 3 top search ranking factors are:

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What is keyword cannibalization?

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What is BERT used for?

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Which of these should you leverage to avoid duplicate content risks on your site?

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What's Google take on h1 tag on a page?

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If you are running a local business site, then what should you NOT do?

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You can create your own Featured Snippets:

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True or false: AMP version shows up when someone directly visits your website.

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What is an indirect ranking factor for SEO?

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Answers To Your Top Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions we get

What is SEO Quiz?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO Quiz is a quick online test to help you analyze your SEO knowledge.  

What type of SEO questions this quiz will have?

SEO Quiz 2023 covers multiple choice questions and answers from a wide area of SEO that includes- keyword, content, technical, links, local and international SEO. All the questions are based on official search engine guidelines. 

The MOZ SEO Expert Quiz, LinkedIn SEO Assessment, and the frequent Google SEO updates served as inspiration for this SEO Quiz.

Is this SEO quiz for beginner level?

Yes, it is. However, SEO learners from any level (beginner to expert) can try this quiz to test their knowledge. 

Will it have questions related to SEO job interviews?

Yes, this SEO test covers commonly asked SEO job interview questions. 

How will I receive my SEO certification?

Well, if you pass the SEO Quiz 2023 – you’ll receive your Ad School Master SEO certification on your email. 

Passing score is 80%. 

Are there any charges to appear for SEO Quiz and certificate?

No, it’s a FREE SEO Quiz and you can attempt it as many times as you want. And there are no charges for the certificate. 

How will I know the answers to the questions I have not answered correctly?

Once you have submitted the quiz – you’ll be able to see all the correct as well as incorrect answers for every question that the SEO exam will have. 

How will I get the classic Ad School Master T-shirt?

The option to share your quiz results with LinkedIn is available only on the result page after you submit the test.

Simply post your results on LinkedIn using the hashtag “adschoolmaster.”

The day’s top scorer will receive the t-shirt. 

Remember: You don’t necessarily need to pass the test to be eligible to win the T-shirt. All you need is to be the top scorer of the day. 

For the size and delivery information, we will get in touch with the winner.