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Test Your Expertise

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Above is an example of:

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While working as an SEO analyst, you managed to get a paid link that redirects to your site from another site– what additional action should you take according to Google webmaster guidelines?

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When do you use meta robots noindex tags?

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The 404 error can be best dealt with:

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What is keyword cannibalization?

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Which tool can NOT measure the core web vitals?

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If you have searched something on google and it shows you various recipes on hamburgers, then which type of query is that?

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If you are running a local business site, then what should you NOT do?

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Which of these should you leverage to minimize duplicate content/thin content risks on your site?

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Which is the best redirect for passing the most authority to the directed page?

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On-page SEO includes optimization of:

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A third party site where Google passes its reviews :

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In wordpress, what can cause duplicacy issues?

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You can create your own Featured Snippets:

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What is an indirect ranking factor for SEO?

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Where can you see the title tag?

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The canonical tag should be applied on the original copy of a webpage.

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If you are adding a slider to the header of your page and it affects the speed, then what should be an ideal fix?

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The Core Web Vitals deal with:

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True or false: AMP version shows up when someone directly visits your website.

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What is the single most important on-page SEO factor?

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Rich snippets can increase:

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This is an initial SEO indicator which doesn’t drive traffic or require any user action:

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Link building does all this except:

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What is the right content length for SEO on a web page?

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If you have a site providing furniture designing services, which rich snippet would suit you the best?

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Factors that help you target a specific country:

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If you have given a link to another website, but it turns into a 404 page in future, which is the best practice to do?

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Googlebot can index PDF documents:

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What does the above represent?

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