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Digital Marketing Program

Ad School Master in collaboration with Iclairon Consultancy and College Protestant De Lome Tokoin brings exclusive digital marketing training course to Togo 

Let us use our experience & expertise to help you succeed

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Learn what works not general theory

Course curriculum is derived from our day to day experiences. You will only learn what works in the practical world not a general book theory.

Commitment to help you succeed

Combining your vision with our commitment can't refrain you from success. We will be there with you until you feel comfortable independent.

Learn from who lives it everyday

Google certified professional Hemant Sharma also founder of two companies Ad School Master and Airifier not only coaches digital marketing but lives it every moment.


Know Your Trainer


Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma is not only the founder of two successfully running startups ‘Ad School Master’ and ‘Airifier’ but also manages their day-to-day and end-to-end operations.

Running two startups – an ad agency and an e-commerce speaks volume of his character. He is the Head at both the startups, ensuring Airifier is generating not only sales but revenue through his digital marketing expertise and Ad School Master’s clients are getting a return on the investment they’re making and ensuring solid strategy is being implemented. He enjoys the ever changing puzzle a website creates and finding the best way to piece together the right solution.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, Hemant worked at Google office for 3.5 years, where he worked on Google-Ads product support, quality & training and at a finance job even more prior to Google. He found his passion of SEO and analytics for over two years at a digital agency worked as a freelancer.

Hemant graduated from University of Delhi, majoring in Commerce with a minor in Marketing & Advertising. He enjoys being a certified google professional now and everyday striving hard to upgrading his skills.

Outside of work, Hemant lives in Gurgaon with his bicycle, a yoga mat, a badminton racket, a list of tv shows, and a big dream.


Who Should Take This Course





Most frequent questions and answers

All classes will be held at College Protestant De Lome Tokoin starting 30th March 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Every session in the training will be broken down into easy to understand format that’s full of high quality targeted information and advice explained in step-by-step manner. 

This program will provide you every bit of information required to better understand the world of digital marketing.

To become job ready, we recommend you practice all the lessons and complete exercises given in the training successfully. 

This entire course duration is going to be 3 weeks. We will have 45 hours of classroom training in 3 weeks. To break it down further, we will have 3 hours class per day for 5 days in a week. To complete 45 hours we will have to conduct 15 days of classroom training in 3 weeks (5 days per week). 

Not at all. A person from any background can become an expert in Digital Marketing. There’s no specified eligibility criteria. 

And whatever you need to gain Digital Marketing skills will be provided in the training.

We at Ad School Master strongly believe that a certification is not required to prove your Digital Marketing skills. 

The sole objective of the program is to mastering your Digital Marketing skills rather than focusing on achieving a piece of paper. 

However, there will be an exam after completion of the course. Students who perform up-to the mark shall be awarded a certification from Ad School Master apart from close to 15 certificates you will get from Google, Facebook and Hubspot which you will receive separately after successfully passing their online exams. Our support will be provided in every exam.

We don’t have pass/fail criteria. Your performance during the course shall be the major criteria to assess your expertise. And there’s no limit to appear in the certification exam. 

We want to make you skilled and independent. You don’t need any support if you truly learned skills. And that’s the only objective of the course.  

However, we keep our ear to the ground for any current vacancies within our network of digital marketing agencies and our digital marketing clients and often make announcements to students about these opportunities. 

Irrespective of above, we will conduct workshops on resume writing and interview skills to prepare you well in advance for the job. 

The course is designed in an easy to understand format keeping in mind a person from a completely different background. 

But if you still face any difficulty you will be provided special assistance like one-to-one training or tailor-made lessons. 

Complete Fee for this training is 16 9000 Francs CFA. That should be paid in advance at our office located at the mentioned address before joining the program. 

In that case you can join for the same session in the later batches. Or You can send your doubts through email. Your doubts will be resolved on priority basis through email or video conferences whichever is more appropriate. 

Major language of the training will be English. However there will be a french speaker as a coordinator. Though we’d suggest that a very basic English can be a little more handful for the participants. 

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