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What is the average performance (key metrics) for a Facebook page?


Its really important to learn your business success metrics from the facebook insights. You need to understand that whats working for other businesses or lets say for your competitors might not work exactly for you. Because your business has its own separate characteristics and most importantly a different audience.

All you gotta do before figuring out taste and preference of your audience is A/B testing with your creatives.

Please note : A/B testing doesn’t mean testing only 2 variables, it does mean comparing one factor in 2 or more different ways (Lets say for an example, you have to choose an image from 2 available images you want to use for a creative you are preparing to promote your business on facebook. I would suggest you try both at different intervals and then learn from your insights about the performance of the 2 creatives with 2 different images. Now you would find yourself in a better position to decide on a better image for your business. This way you should try out different-different versions of other important elements (as shown in the image below) in a creative like focus of the creative, brand personality, call to action etc and from the facebook insights and learn to figure out what actually works for your business)


What are the mistakes most of the marketers do they go by their observations. Please understand there lies a huge difference between observations and insights.

As a marketer you need to make optimum utilization of available resources and by not avoiding factors like A/B testing you ensure that. A/B testing is a crucial aspect should be used to measure your facebook page performance because unless your posts do well your page won’t take your business anywhere.

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