19 Best Email Finder Tools

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Email finder tools help you find email addresses. 

You must be thinking, why would one need a tool for that? 

Email addresses are always needed when you want to reach out to people in your industry.

It can be a simple shoutout for a new blog, an invite for a webinar, link building, or partnerships. 

You would also need emails from journalists, mainly when you publish original research. 

Imagine just finding one email, you visit their website, scroll through the about us or contact page and finally find an email. Long process, right? 

It is significant pain when you have to reach out to a whole team. 

Do you think this leaves any scope for wasting time finding email addresses? 

Surely not! 

And even when you find an email, it might not go through as it is not a verified address. 

Therefore, email finder tools are super-duper essential for reaching your right prospects via verified email addresses. 

They will fuel up this process and increase the chances of getting a response. 

Here’s a list of tools for finding emails:


Hunter.io tool


It allows you to do domain search (for a company email id), email finder (for email id of a specific person), author finder (to find the email of a particular author), and email verifier (to verify any email that you feel unconfident about). 

Hunter.io lets you perform bulk tasks in which you can find and download a list of the websites from a list of companies.

You can also upload the list that you want on Google sheets.

Hunter.io has a free chrome extension. 

You can create a whole email campaign and schedule follow-ups for free. 

If you don’t have confidence in writing emails, the tool also lists top cold email templates. 


Their pricing goes from 49$ to 399$ per month, depending on the number of searches you want to conduct. 


Hunter.io offers 25 free searches once you create an account from your company’s domain. 



Snov.io offers precise options like single email search, bulk email search, domain search, bulk domain search, social URL search (to get emails by uploading a list of links from social networks), etc. 

In the top right corner it shows: 

  • the grey dot as the “can’t find emails”
  • the green dot as the verified or valid emails. 
  • the yellow dot as the non-verified emails.
  • the red dot as the spam emails. 


It also has a chrome extension by the name of Email Finder. 

Snov.io has different options to verify individual and bulk emails.

It has integrations like Zapier, Pipedrive, and Calendly. 



They have various membership sizes ranging from S of 33$/month to XXL of 442$/ month.



It provides 100 free mails once you have signed up with your account. 

Anymail Finder

anymail finder tool


You can upload a file from your system and let Anymail Finder find mails for you. So, you need not subscribe it for one-time use.  

Above are a few prospects that I searched. The green font shows that the email address is verified and the yellow ones are unverified. 

On the top, it shows that the email address of that prospect could not be found. 

If the mail is not 100% credited, then no credits would be charged. 



It offers 90 free trials with no expiry time. The paid plan starts from 49$ for 1000 verified emails to 149$ for 10,000 verified mails. 



You can always start a free trial and get 90 verified emails. 

The tool also offers free two months usage on buying an annual pack.



As you can see, the tool offer four options once you are logged in, each explained. 

One additional feature here is that it allows you to search for your target audience on LinkedIn. 

It has a Google Chrome extension (pop up on the top right) by the name of Find Email.

You can get all the lead emails and company info. 

You can find your desired leads from a database with thousands and thousands of companies and contacts and add them. 

You can also organize contacts in their CRM. 

It gives an option to apply various filters to a list—for example, CEO, owner, software engineer, etc. 

Select the desired tools for email campaigns including, Google mail, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zapier, etc.


The paid version goes from the starter pack that costs 49$ per month, offering 1000 discovered emails in a month, to the pro pack that costs 399$ per month, offering 50,000 discovered emails per month. 



Getprospect.io offers free 100 discovered emails per month. 



On the top is the search bar for typing in a company or person’s name. You can also copy paste the URL from LinkedIn. 

The left pane shows all the filter options for people and companies. 

The tool also has a Chrome extension that helps you get leads from Google, AngelList, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn. 

If your lead list is missing some points, you can upload it on RocketReach and find the latest emails, phone numbers, and job titles. 

It has an outreach option that uses your mailbox to send emails to give them a personalized touch and keep them from entering the spam folder. 



It has three plans: individual plans, team plans, and enterprise plans. 

The individual plan ranges from Rs 2,875 per month to Rs 14,671 per month. 


Use the Rocketreach free extension and directly lookup up the email ids using a person’s profile or job title. 



Clearbit helps you know how much traffic is coming from and what works for your email campaign. That will help in reaching out to people who are interested in your profile. 

You can find your prospect email id with complete contact details. 

Know which accounts suit your business best and the related email ids. 

Clearbit helps you target ideal suits for your business and their profiles on Facebook. 



They offer two packages,  1000 requests for $99/month and 2500 requests for $199/month.



You can use its free chrome extension called ‘Connect.’ This lets you lookup up to 100 free emails every month. 

Voila Norbert

voila norbert tool


As shown, there is a search bar on the top where you can enter the company name or the prospect’s name directly. 

You can also search for people in Bulk by uploading a .CSV file.

It allows you to verify the email addresses for them to reach the right prospects. 

Voila Norbert also gives an enrichment option wherein you can fetch the data behind an email id, including the person’s job title, location, company, social media handles, etc. 


The pricing offer stretches into three categories, prospecting, verify and enriching.

Under prospecting, there are four options:

  • Valet: 1,000 leads per month for 49$
  • Butler: 5,000 leads per month for 99$
  • Advisor: 15,000 leads per month for 249$
  • Counselor: 50,000 leads per month for 499$


Verifying options lets you ensure that the emails reach the right person. You can customize the cost for the number of emails you want to verify. 

You can Enrich leads with strong data points and customize our package accordingly. 



It offers 50 leads for free once you create an account with them.


Lusha tool


Lusha helps you instantly access any contact and company info.

It has introduced a new feature called ‘prospecting.’ here, you can look out for contacts, apply filters, and Bulk save contacts too. The filters can be used on a company or people. 

You can also install the Lusha plugin to find personal contact information super fast. 

You can also apply the location filter that helps you get a refined search based on country-basis. 

Lusha also offers a free extension that offers to work with the tool across the web. 

It allows you to “save search.” Under this, you can save as many searches as you want to start where you left and continue working on them later. 



The package goes from a starter pack which is entirely free with five credits per month, to an enterprise pack that is a custom plan and is billed annually. 

You can also save 20% on annual plans. 



Lusha is free for 14 days with five credits free! 

Contact Out

contact out tool


the tool lets you find anyone’s email and phone number. 

It has a chrome extension that works with LinkedIn and Github too.

You can save leads from LinkedIn. You can also export them in your spreadsheet to your team. 

To find people who are not on LinkedIn, you can use the search portal to enjoy unlimited searches. 

You can reuse the templates to save time while sending emails. Contact multiple people at once and follow up automatically. 



The paid plan starts from 39$ per month as per the basic plan and goes to the recruiter plan costing 159$ per month. 

You can save 33% by opting for the annual plans.



The free trial includes finding the contact details of 5 people! 


Uplead tool


Uplead gives you 50+ filters to find the right contacts of people and companies for you.

It helps you get your prospect’s important information like contacts and email ids. 

It verifies emails in real-time to ensure that you only reach quality people. 

Uplead also provides you with a direct dialing phone number so that you can talk to people straight away. 


The paid package has many options going from 99$ per month giving 170 credits to 399$ per month giving 1000 credits. 

You can get off of 25% on opting for the annual packs. 



It offers you five free trials! 



The tool gives all the details about a person, including his company name, phone number, office location, email address, etc. 

You can also get to know all about your prospects, including their personal and company info. 


Adapt.io paid plan starts from 99$ per month. 

You can choose your customized plan based on the number of contacts needed per month, the department you work in, the role/position you have there, products you are interested in, etc. 



Adapt.io offers a seven-day free trial. 



LeadGibbon lets you find emails of people in any industry and any profession. 

You can also use their LinkedIn extension that helps you find email ids from LinkedIn. 

If you have a list of domains and people’s names but no email addresses, this tool will get you covered. The email enricher option will fetch and verify the email addresses for you. 

The tool keeps a regular check on the delivery of an email. It would help you not go for emails that have the potential to get bounced back. 

LeadGibbon charged for only verified email addresses. 



It has three paid packs, basic, pro, and business. 

Basic: 49$/month with 1,000 monthly credits.

Pro: 99$/month with 5,000 monthly credits. 

Business: 199$/month with 20,000 monthly credits.

A perfect thing here is that the tool offers the same features, irrespective of the plan you have opted for. 



Once you have created an account, they will offer five leads for free!



As you can see the top tabs, you can search email addresses, verify them, look for their social handles, send emails via the tool, search prospects and local businesses by their name. 

FindThatLead has its free extensions that offer finding leads on any website, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

The tool helps you add your personal touch to an email that can get replies to cold emails. 

Use the ‘drip’ feature to automatically follow up on the sent emails and boost your response rate. 

The advanced panel helps you get the status of your email campaign.

Know about various sales funnels and know how your campaign is performing. 

FindThatLead helps you quickly verify the emails and minimize the bounce rate.



The tool includes three paid packages. These are:

Growth: 49$/month offering 5,000 credits. 

Startup: 150$/month offering 18,000 credits. 

Suite: 39($/month offering 30,000 credits.

The tool offers 20% off on annual packs. 

Aero leads Bulk email finder


The tools helps you find the correct email from the domain person’s name. 

As shown above, you can create the filters for each search. 

As shown in the center, you can know their full name, location, phone number, email address, industry, company size, etc.

They have an active facility for resolving any query on chat, phone, or via mail.

You can quickly transfer data to your CSV file in just one click. 



It offers four paid packs from take-off costing 49$per month to enterprise wherein you can enter your expectations, and Aero leads comes up with a budget to meet your needs. 



For free usage, you can use the chrome extension to find your prospects’ email addresses and phone numbers real quick. 

SignalHire: For Phone Number Also


With SignalHere, you can find up to 1,000 emails in one go. 

You can find email addresses from the name, location, or job title.

You can sync your inbox with this tool to keep track of the opened emails. 

All the email addresses are found based on real-time info with their separate tools to verify those emails. 



The pricing goes from 39$/month each for emails, phone numbers, and one combined plan for emails + phone numbers costing 39$/month.

Though, the individual plan will include more features than the integrated plan. 

You can also save up to 35% on each of the above offers for annual packs. 



It gives you free five contacts service every month. 


skrapp.io tool


It helps you find the verified email address of anyone from any company based on accurate data.

Skrapp also comes with a free browser extension. It will integrate with LinkedIn and automatically find email addresses for you. 

The tool has its Bulk email finder option that helps you find many email addresses in one go. 

This feature allows you to enrich data present in a company’s database.

These databases can include the prospect’s name, job titles, company’s name, etc. 



Skrapp offers four paid packs starting from 39$/month (2 users) offering 1,000 email credits to 239$/month (15 users) offering 50,000 email credits. 

The tool offers a discount of 20% on annual packs. 



Once you create an account on Skrapp, you are eligible for their monthly free pack offering 150 credits free per month. 



Look for email addresses based on job title, company’s name, location, full name, etc. 

FindEmails helps in keeping up with ROI by verifying the emails sent by you. Just upload a list of emails in the tool, and it will confirm the list for you. 

Let the chrome extension fetch out all the email addresses from all those websites you open on your browser. 

It also helps in fast verifying email addresses by uploading them in bulk via a spreadsheet on the tool. 

The duplicate emails are removed so that nobody gets the same email twice. 


FindEmails offer three packages: 

Basic: 29$/month with 1,000 credits.

Better: 49$/month with 2,500 credits.

Best: 99$/month with 10,000 credits. 

All the above packages share the same features. 



LeadFuze offers verification of emails, phone numbers, and social profiles using their third-party data partners.

They provide highly-targeted lead searches with accurate contact info. 

You can get both personal and business emails.

The tool uses its own AI assistant that helps you verify your emails, and they don’t use any third-party service for it.



They have three paid packs, the starter pack offers 500 leads/month, the scaling pack offers 2500 leads/month, and the custom plan allows you to customize your features and permissions and plan a budget accordingly. 



They offer 25 leads for free. 


Datanyze tool


As shown above, you can search for the prospect’s name. The result will show their name, job title and company name. 

With the Datanyze Chrome extension, you can get all the company or any person’s data directly from the places they prospect most, in real-time. 

They let you use icebreakers derived from all that’s happening in your prospect’s world, including their social media feeds, local news publications, etc. 

You can segment a list of prospects by tagging them and making them ready to be exported. 

Datanyze helps in providing all the essential information of any company’s profile you look up on LinkedIn.



It has two plans, Nyze Lite, the free plan, and Nyze Pro, which comes under the paid plan.

Nyze Pro costs 55$/month, offering 90 credits. 

You can save 30% if you subscribe to an annual plan. 



Datanyze provides a 90-day free trial offering ten credits per month.  



Mailshake helps in sending personalized cold emails.

It helps in giving complete information about a prospect that helps connect with them via an email or phone number. 

With the tool, you can check multiple versions of your outreach emails and see which one works for you. 

It also helps you identify the most engaging leads and the best matches for your business with the most potential to get converted. 

Mailshake offers a built-in phone dialer to make a personal connection instantly.


The tool offers two plans: email outreach and sales engagement.

The email outreach pack costs 59$/month while the sales engagement costs 99$/month, having all the features that come in email outreach and many bonus features. 

Mailshake also offers a refund within 30 days of payment if you’re not 100% satisfied with the tool. 



Though they don’t offer a free package, you can book a free demo highlighting how Mailshake’s sales and engagement platform can skyrocket your outreach. 


I am sure that the tools mentioned above are more than what you need to reach out to your potential prospects. But, how about finding them for free? 

Well, it is not that easy!

Think about it! Why would one need these tools if everything could be done for free? 

Sure, tools can make your work much easier and faster. They help you find the correct data backed by a lot of research. 

But you can always give free options a try! 

Sometimes, a tool also might fail to get to an email address of a particular prospect.

In that case, you should always know the alternative ways to find email addresses for free! 

Here are a few ways you can find email ids for free: 


Check out contact and about us pages: 

The best place to start your research is to head to that person’s website. Many companies put up the email address of their prominent staff members. 

Many companies put up the email address of their prominent staff members. 

You can directly go to their about us page where they make a mention of their team members.

Many companies also have a separate contact us page that gives all the details to reach out to them. 

contact us page

But many times, when you reach this page, a form pops up that asks you to enter your information and your query. 

personal details on contact us page

The chances of you hearing back from their team are not very high, and your message gets buried somewhere in the customer service listing. 

You can also use the email address given on their website for asking general queries.


Use Google search:

Use the keyword tactic right here! 

When Google answers almost all queries in this world, it can help you with an email too! 

Type in the name of that person and the keyword ’email’ or ‘contact.’ 

If this doesn’t fetch you results, you can go for various combinations, like name + job title, name + company’s name, name + LinkedIn, name + contact, etc.  

This way, you can try out various strings and give them a shot. 

In case you know the place where your prospect works, you can do a more specific search. 

For example:

                    site:companywebsite.com + [name] + email                 

                     site:companywebsite.com + [name] + contact

                     site:companywebsite.com + firstname.lastname [at] companyname.com

                     site:companywebsite.com + firstnamelastname [at] companyname.com


Use Twitter: 

Many times people leave their email addresses on their tweets or even mention them in their bio. Sometimes, people may hide these email addresses from the bots by using ‘dot’ and ‘at’ and not ‘.’ and ‘@.’ 

It can be dealt with by hitting the Twitter advanced search and looking for the email address for ‘dot’ and ‘at.’

If all this doesn’t work, you can also directly ask them for their email address. You can simply reply to people’s tweets in a short but compelling way mentioning why exactly you need to connect with them via emails. 

You can also DM your prospects asking for their email addresses. But many times, you can’t DM them if you don’t follow each other on Twitter. 

There is also a way to check someone’s old tweets. You can use the “all my tweets” app to get up to 3200 tweets of anyone from their past. 

As you switch to the app, you can log in using your Twitter account and just look up the Twitter handle you want past tweets from.


Hit DuckDuckGo: 

It is another search engine that you can use to find the email addresses for you. 

Searching for the pattern “@domainname.com” will yield all the email addresses under that domain available for public access.

You can also search for a particular name if you want to search for a specific prospect. 


Look Up for Author Pages: 

Look for the author page on the blog or the website.

You can reach this page by clicking on the link present in their mention on any blog that they have written. 

You can get their info like a contact number or email address from here. 


Look Upon Facebook: 

Business information on Facebook page of AdSchoolMaster

Sometimes, people mention their contact details and email addresses when they set up a Facebook account. 

Just visit your prospect’s profile and hit the about section to see if they have added any personal contact information. 

Subscribe to their Mailing List: 

If your prospect’s website has a newsletter, you can subscribe to their mailing list. It can be beneficial as many newsletters are sent from personal email addresses. 

If not, you can still reply when it is sent from a generic email id. Reply to the newsletter to share your viewpoints or any questions that pop into your head. 

It will lead to your engagement with your prospect and building healthy interpersonal relationships. 

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