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I am so excited to announce that I have come up with an SEO analyst course. 

It’s an updated and well researched free SEO training material. 

The course will help you kickstart your SEO journey from scratch. 

Hone your skills in SEO by learning content optimization, technical SEO, link building and much more. 

Though the course is explained in a very simplistic way, we have also included an SEO glossary in case you come across any jargon.

More About The Course

Here’s a quick glimpse at the topics discussed:

SEO Basics: It gives a perfect overview of all the essential topics covered throughout the course.

It will help you understand what SEO is all about, how it works and why you need it. Also, know the key differences between SEO and SEM and when to choose what. 

Keyword Research Strategies: Finding the right keywords is one of the most crucial parts of writing content.

This lesson tells you how to find the right keywords for your business, the latest tools you can use, and some quick tips. 

Content Optimization: Master the art of producing SEO-friendly content for your site. Also, know how to leverage rich snippets and featured snippets for better results. 

Technical SEO: Get trained with technical SEO and how to fix technical issues. It includes everything from making sitemaps to testing the page speed, crawl rate, making robots.txt files, and checking duplicate content. 

Link Building: Link building is one of the most challenging parts of SEO. Know various strategies that can help you get some fantastic backlinks and rank higher on Google.  

SEO Success: SEO success is measured by various factors like dwell time, organic ctr, bounce rate, and pogo sticking. Know what they mean, how they impact SEO, and some best practices. 

A-Z SEO Glossary: This is your help guide in case you find any jargon in the content. You can check it out in any case to know more and more words related to SEO. 

Why this seo analyst course

Beginner to advance

The lessons have been prepared in keeping mind beginner’s requirements and understanding level. Well, that doesn’t really mean we’ve not considered advanced SEO details. There are step-by-step lessons to make you an advanced level professional from a beginner level. And we will also prepare you more custom lessons if you don’t understand in one go. 


All the chapters I have covered are less theory and more stuffed with actionable tips. 

If you are a small business or have just started out, you would not want to spend money on every tool. I have included all the possible free tools in various lessons. 

I have also included many not-so-popular strategies and tips that proved to be helpful for me.

Our Experiments + google seo guide

If you could learn SEO from one person that would be Google. So, this course doesn’t only come from our experiments but also designed parallel to google search engine optimization guide. You don’t need to doubt the authenticity of the lessons. Learn from the best.

Course Curriculum

What is SEO tells what SEO is all about, why you should do it, the working of search engines, and various factors to be considered. 

SEO vs. SEM gives a vivid explanation of each topic, their fundamental parts, how SEO is different from SEM, and when to choose them. 

SEO keywords tell what keywords mean in SEO, how to find keyword ideas using various tools and leverage them for your content.

SEO Content Writing tells how to write content that ranks on search engines and best practices to write it.

Rich Snippets help your ranking and visitors by providing additional information. Know what they are, why you should have them, and various types.

Get to know what Featured Snippets are, how they are different from rich snippets and various types.

Kickstart your technical SEO with knowing Sitemaps, their importance, and how to create them for your site.

Learn everything about Crawl Rate, factors that determine it, how to check it for your site, and ways to increase it.

Learn about Robots.txt files, how do they work, their importance, and how to create them.

Page Speed is one of the critical parts of technical SEO. This chapter talks about its importance, factors to assess your site’s page speed, and how to improve it.

Having Duplicate Content on your site can be a negative factor. Know its repercussions, detect duplicate content on your site, and finally, how to fix it.

Getting good Backlinks is one of the most crucial parts of doing SEO.

Know their importance, things to keep in mind while creating backlinks, the type of content that gets more backlinks, and some best practices.

Dwell Time is a way to know user behavior on your site. It’s one of the factors to measure your SEO success. Know what it is, why it matters, how to measure it, and best practices to improve it.

Learn what Organic CTR is, why it matters, how to measure it for your site, and best practices to improve it.

Bounce Rate is another measure to know the user behavior on your site. Get to know what it is, how it affects your site, bounce rate vs. exit rate, and how to improve it for your site.

Pogo Sticking is a negative user behavior on your site. Know why you should bother about it and how to prevent pogo-sticking.

You can always refer to this A-Z SEO Glossary for any jargon that you find while going through the course. You can also visit it otherwise to know more words related to SEO.

Who Should Take This SEO Course





YES! It is a free online SEO course. 

Yes, it is a free SEO course with certificate. 

once you are done with the course, you can attempt the SEO Quiz

If you are able to pass the quiz, you will get a certificate. 

No, it is not. SEO is all about practice and not theory. But it is always recommended to attempt the quiz as it will help you test your knowledge. In case you score high, you can win the certificate too. 

The course is a mixed baggage. It goes from beginner level to the advance level. I have included many advance level information like SEO trends. 


What are you waiting for? This is your chance to master SEO! 

Let me know what do you think about this SEO analyst course in the comment section below. 

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